Cabin trailer with a sauna

The cabin trailer with a sauna goes with you to where you want to go! This cabin trailer combines a comfortable kitchen and living room combo with a fantastic sauna that offers soft, relaxing heat. The cabin trailer also has a toilet, a fireplace and a corner seating area for six that can be easily turned into a double bed. Up to four people at a time can enjoy the soft warmth of the spacious sauna. The heat-insulated cabin trailer is suited to year-round use.


Year-round comfort and sauna bathing in different locations with the costs of just one building. Lapelland cabins and saunas move with you.


The buildings have been designed for year-round use and their functionality has been tested in the arctic conditions of the north.


We manufacture our products from start to finish in warm indoor conditions. The products are always delivered to customers as 100% ready for use, finishing treatments included.

Our every product is an example of our experience in construction and the high quality of our finishing touches. The product tests carried out during the course of several years guarantee the functionality of our buildings in all conditions

Cabin trailer with a sauna details


• Length 6,200 mm
• Width 2,400 mm
• Total weight about 2,400 kg

• Roof style: single-pitch roof
• Inspected and registered for road traffic, incl. lights and blinkers
• Galvanised bogie base with brakes Size 2.39 x 6.2 m, total weight about 2,400 kg, nose wheel, adjustable support legs under the corners • Box on the bow, hinged cover
• Wall frame 42*66 mm
• Finnfoam 50 mm insulation in the ceiling, base floor and walls
• Outer cladding from 11 mm OSB board
• Roof structures, roof from 15 mm OSB board, upper end boards 20*95, eave plates with drip edge, Icopal LiimaUltra roofing felt
• Interior cladding from spruce panel 14*120 mm
• The sauna features a tinted matchboard floor treated twice with marine varnish with floor slopes into a water spout
• The living room is equipped with 15 mm OSB board and a plastic carpet
• Tempered glass doors
• Windows, single-glazed, PC coated
• Opening window 12 x 4 with a mosquito net both at the bow and at the stern
• Door and window jambs and panes 50*50
• Ventilation grids
• Battening made of 50*50 triangle bars
• Harvia M3 wood-burning stove, protective walls, protective base, sauna stones
• Jeremias Premium chimney, bushing and a collar, flue sealing (total length of the flue insulated)
• Jeremias chimney-mounted water heater, 22 litres
• Sauna benches are made from heat-treated aspen 28*95
• The exterior of the cabin trailer will be treated with Tikkurila Valtti AkvaColor (colour tone can be chosen freely)
• By default, the batting is the same colour as the exterior. If you wish, you can change the batting colour (please contact customer service).
• The cabin trailer will be treated with Supi Saunasuoja surface treatment (colour tone can be chosen freely)
• Detached stepping stool that makes climbing into the cabin easier
• 12 V LED lighting in the cabin and the sauna Battery, charger and other equipment come installed
• Lighting control with a remote control
• 6 pcs of weatherproof outdoor wall lamps
• The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a sink, a faucet and a stove. The kitchen features 148 cm wide top and bottom cupboards and a drawer with soft closing devices.
• The kitchen surfaces are made from solid laminate
• 40 cm clothes closet with a bar for hangers between the toilet and the kitchen
• An intimate Mustang fireplace with a large glass hatch and Jeremias chimney
• An elegant corner seating group with hinged covers and soft padding
• An elegant corner seating group with hinged covers and soft padding. The seating group can be pulled out and made into a double bed (accessory)
• A toilet with a replaceable waste container
• Toilet room with a fixed cassette toilet (accessory)
• Socle batting for the cabin trailer

Special offer: if you purchase a cabin trailer, you will receive Winter Edition accessory package for free! The special offer is worth € 2,000! Contents of the Winter Edition accessory package:
• 2k hard-coated polycarbonate windows
• Winter insulated front door 8 x 21 + lock kit come installed
• Electric heating
• Closable ventilation valves, 5 pcs
• 50 mm Finnfoam winter insulation
• Solid laminate kitchen surfaces

• Lapelland buildings are available as 100% ready for use, delivered to your home. You can also come pick up the trailer from Lapelland’s factory or a retail location. Ask the sales persons for more details!