Finlandia 9000 -cabin trailer

Premium living facilities of 21 square metres for 2–4 people. Finlandia 9000 is an unforeseen living concept that combines luxurious amenities, comfort of a single-family home and the mobility of a mobile home. The building stands solidly in place, can be towed on its wheels behind a car and can be connected to standard building services. If necessary, it can also be used independently as a mobile home that does not have detrimental effects on nature.


Year-round comfort and sauna bathing in different locations with the costs of just one building. Lapelland cabins and saunas move with you.


The buildings have been designed for year-round use and their functionality has been tested in the arctic conditions of the north.


We manufacture our products from start to finish in warm indoor conditions. The products are always delivered to customers as 100% ready for use, finishing treatments included.

Our every product is an example of our experience in construction and the high quality of our finishing touches. The product tests carried out during the course of several years guarantee the functionality of our buildings in all conditions

Finlandia 9000 details

Finlandia 9000 with sauna & shower room

Finlandia 9000 with bathroom

• Length 9,000 mm
• Width 2,450 mm
• Carrying capacity 3,500 kg (weight 3,000–3,5000 kg depending on the equipment included)
• Panorama windows
• Modern building services with full kitchen amenities
• Luxurious fireplace and LED lighting
• Warm water, shower, toilet
• Floor heating and an intimate sauna
• Elegant heat-treated aspen sauna benches
• Sturdy support legs in the corners
• Delivered as 100% ready for use
• Suitable for year-round use
• Warm winter insulation
• Does not require construction permit in mobile use
• Registered for road traffic

• Adjustable support legs, lights and blinkers, nose wheel
• Heat insulated floor, plastic carpet
• Heat insulated ceiling and walls
• Ceiling boards and baseboards
• Solid, hard-coated PVC thermal window 800 x 2,000 mm
• Solid, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,600 x 1,500 mm
• Solid, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,650 x 1,600 mm
• Opening, hard-coated PVC thermal window 500 x 500 mm
• Opening, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,200 x 500 mm
• Opening, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,400 x 500 mm
• Solid, coated PVC thermal window 800 x 1,200 mm
• Solid, coated PVC thermal window 800 x 1,200 mm
• Solid, coated PVC thermal window 800 x 1,200 mm
• Opening, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,200 x 500 mm
• Opening, hard-coated PVC thermal window 1,400 x 500 mm
• Window panes and doorframes from painted aluminium or plastic
• Toilet door
• Heat insulated front door with a glass opening
• Aluminium stairs
• LED lighting inside and outside
• Toilet mirror with a light
• Ventilation valves
• Toilet sink cupboard and faucet
• Toilet seat
• Lifting station Sololift 2
• Main fuse box 2x25A
• Electrical enclosure
• Sockets
• Closets in the bedroom and hall
• Water heater
• Sauna panels
• Sauna benches from heat-treated aspen
• Glassdoor to sauna
• Shower and shower wall
• AGM battery and charger
• Kitchen faucet
• Kitchen fixtures
• Cooker hood 12v
• Swivelling base cover
• Front box for technology

• Double bed (unmotorised)
• Pull-out couch
• Dining table and chairs for four people
• Screen curtains for the large window and ceiling window
• Harvia M3 wood-burning sauna heater and an insulated chimney
• Harvia electric sauna heater
• Electric heating with radiators
• Stove and oven 230 V
• Dishwasher
• Electric underfloor heating
• Electric refrigerator 90 L
• Electric and gas refrigerator, black
• Fireplace with a glass hatch and an insulated chimney
• Heated glass ceiling in the bedroom
• Biodiesel heating
• Insulated, drainable water and wastewater containers + 12 V system
• Water heating with gas/electricity + a gas system for the refrigerator
• Motorized double bed

• Lapelland buildings are available as 100% ready for use, delivered to your home. You can also come pick up the trailer from Lapelland’s factory or a retail location. Ask the sales persons for more details!