Sauna trailer Mini Luxus

Mini Luxus sauna trailer is the most popular sauna in our collection, perhaps thanks to its great sauna experience, but also due to its compact size. Despite its small size, Mini Luxus is true to its name and offers a luxurious sauna experience, and, thanks to its light weight, it can be towed with a car and with a Class B driver’s licence. A terrace with seating boxes offers a nice place to cool down after the relaxing soft heat of the sauna.


Year-round comfort and sauna bathing in different locations with the costs of just one building. Lapelland cabins and saunas move with you.


The buildings have been designed for year-round use and their functionality has been tested in the arctic conditions of the north.


We manufacture our products from start to finish in warm indoor conditions. The products are always delivered to customers as 100% ready for use, finishing treatments included.

Our every product is an example of our experience in construction and the high quality of our finishing touches. The product tests carried out during the course of several years guarantee the functionality of our buildings in all conditions

Sauna trailer Mini Luxus details


• Length 3,250 mm
• Width 1,500 mm
• Sauna room’s dimensions 2,440 x 1,500 mm
• Total weight about 750 kg

• A durable galvanized brakeless base 1.50 x 3.25 m
• Roof style: gabled roof
• Registered for road traffic, incl. lights and blinkers
• Nose wheel, adjustable support legs in the corners
• Box on the bow, hinged cover
• Seating boxes on both sides of the terrace, hinged covers
• Wall frame 35*50 mm
• Outer cladding from 11 mm OSB board
• Roof structures, roof from 15 mm OSB board, upper end boards 20*45, eave plates with drip edge, Icopal LiimaUltra roofing felt
• Interior cladding from spruce panel 14*120 mm
• Plywood base 12 mm, diagonal battening, matchboard floor 28 * 95 treated twice with marine varnish, floor slopes into a water spout, 45 mm reduction
• Harvia M3 wood-burning stove, protective walls, protective base, sauna stones
• Jeremias Premium chimney, bushing and a collar, flue sealing (total length of the flue insulated)
• Jeremias chimney-mounted water heater, 22 litres
• Elegant heat-treated aspen sauna benches 28*95, depth of the upper bench about 600 mm, bottom bench about 300 mm
• Door VA-PO, Salvos factory manufactured
• Windows, single-glazed, PC coated
• Door and window jambs and panes 50*50
• Ventilation grids
• Terrace’s bar railing made of 50*50 triangle bars
• Battening made of 50*50 triangle bars
• LED lighting with a battery and a swivelling stepping stool available as accessories

• Lapelland buildings are available as 100% ready for use, delivered to your home. You can also come pick up the trailer from Lapelland’s factory or a retail location. Ask the sales persons for more details!